Abdominal Muscle Stimulator

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Achieve easier and quicker results while working out from home!

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  • USB charging: USB rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery and USB cable included, which not only reduces the cost of frequent battery replacement, but also protects the environment.
  • The intensity of our trainer is 50% more efficient compared to battery-powered products.
  • Fully charged in 1 hour, you can get continuous work for 3 to 4 hours, you can charge this muscle stimulator with your laptop or wall plug.
  • Fat Burning & Toning Muscle & Body Shaping: Consecutive use of this product for 8 to 10 weeks shows an obvious effect. 2 to 4 times a day, 20 minutes to an hour. Similar to 60 minutes of sit-ups and swimming for half an hour and two weeks of dieting.
  • This muscle trainer can help tone, tighten and strengthen the muscles in your body. You will be able to obtain a better silhouette after consecutive use of this product for about 2 months.


Modes and functions:


  • Mode 1 & 2 - fat burning In these two modes, the muscles move intensely and burn fat fast.
  • Mode 3 & 4 - muscle growth Strong elastic movement, deep stimulation to support muscle growth.
  • Mode 5 & 6 - body sculpting These two modes are composite modes that help build a perfect figure.