Elite LED Touch Desk Lamp

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Get your bright led desk lamp with usb charging port now!
  • Dimmable: It has 5 levels of brightness  for 3 kinds of colors(warm white, nature white and cool white),Total 15 options available to meet different scenarios, so you are not stuck with one brightness setting.
  • Keeps your eyes and mind relaxed while reading a book or when you're using your laptop. No headache and eye strain.
  •  Attractive Table Lamp, A Luxury Look and Feel : This is a very attractive table light. The leather type material is soft and really adds luxury to the light. Layout of the clock and date is unique and eye pleasing. The chocolate brown leather base is very clean and weighted nicely.
  •  A Combination of Table Lamp with LCD Display : It shows temperature, time and date, and an alarm clock. When lighting is not required, switch it off by touching the on/off button and only the LCD display will be seen with time, date, day and temperature.
  • The lamp has a lithium metal battery so the time, date, and calendar settings are saved if the power is lost. 
  • Smart phone charging : Ability To Charge Smart Phone With USB Charging Port. Charge Phone While Using Light.
★Eco-friendly, mercury free, radiation free
★Eye-protection: uniform and soft light effect, anti-dazzle, relieve visual fatigue
★Superb light quality: high luminance light effect, high purity, high color rendering
★Efficient heat dissipation
★Energy-saving: low power consumption, low degradation, save 80% energy
★Long lifespan (more than 35, 000 hours)